Interested in having a Haitian French language exchange partner and teaching English to young Haitian entrepreneurs?
2010 UW graduate Eyleen Chou has been living and working in Haiti a year and a half working with some phenomenal young entrepreneurs through Inveneo’s BATI program. All of them want to work on their English.
Inveneo’s BATI program strives to install a wireless internet network in Haïti while helping the country’s citizens, small business owners and local organizations connect with the world and develop their I.T. potential. In doing so, they hope to hand over to the Haitians the ability to build, maintain and support Internet connection throughout the country.
Eyleen Chou, Volunteer Systems Engineer, is looking for 20 students of French who are interested in committing to about 1 hour a week to Skype with these motivated Haitian technicians. The language exchange would be informal and can include sharing songs, practicing pronunciation, or watching online videos. Of course, Eyleen will always be available to help get people started and follow through to promote a strong commitment on behalf of the volunteers to practice language with their Haitian partners.
This is a great opportunity for students of French, especially French education majors, to improve their French language and francophone cultural skills, all the while making a difference in our world by connecting with eager learners in Haïti.
Students who are interested in finding out more, please fill out this online form (it takes 2 minutes) and Eyleen will respond directly to you.