Author: Ashley Redjinski

How to Have a Good Conversation: An Interview with Resident Assistant Ben Revol

Benjamin Revol, a native of Oraison in the south of France, is spending the year as a resident assistant at the French House. His job: to engage the residents and community through the French language. Before returning to Aix to complete his PhD, he’s happy to be sharing his language and culture and discovering life in Madison! Where did you grow up and what is life like there? I grew up in a town called Oraison that’s located in the Alpes de Haut Provence. It’s a very small town in the countryside where there isn’t much to do and...

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From Harley-Davidson to Freelance Translation: Catching up with former resident Peggy Daly

Former Harley-Davidson employee Peggy Daly recently circled back to her love of French as a freelance translator. With nothing but “a computer and an internet connection,” Daly launched her own freelance operation this past January and has already worked with clients in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Africa. During a recent interview, this former French House resident shared with us memories of her time at the French House and on campus, tips for how to get started in freelance translation, and why she’s excited about her new career. Bonne lecture à tous! How did life on campus feel in the...

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Former Resident Adam Eisendrath talks first jobs, nonprofits, and passion.

Adam Eisendrath received his BA in French from UW-Madison in 2001. Since then, he’s returned to his native San Francisco and spent the past decade working in the world of nonprofits. We recently caught up with this former French House resident who’s now a busy stay at home parent. Surprisingly, the two jobs have a lot in common. Bonne lecture! When did you attend UW-Madison and what things stand out most from your time on campus? I attended UW-Madison from 1997-2001 and studied abroad in Paris for a semester in my Junior year. I have a lot of great...

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On becoming a judge, academic culture, and “le savon pur”: An Interview with Clémentine Brunet

Clémentine Brunet – a French exchange student in her second semester at UW-Madison and current French House resident – is a Marseille native pursuing a master’s degree at Sciences Po-Aix in Aix-en-Provence, France.   Can you describe Sciences Po, since most Americans are likely are unfamiliar with it? It’s one of the “Grandes Ecoles” (literally, the “Grand Schools”) of France and it’s a political science school but we also study history, languages, economy, and more. We study everything initially and then we specialize in our fourth year. In our third year, we all have to go abroad, so you can spend...

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School Spirit, Political Optimism, and Opportunity in the US: an Interview with French House Resident Léa Berthon

Where are you from in France? I’m from the south east of France. I was born in a really small town and I’m really proud of my region! We have forests, mountains, rivers, and chestnut trees. It’s a very idyllic place to grow up and I really appreciate having  been born there and not in a big city like Paris. My family has lived there for generations and everybody knows each other, I love that.   I understand that you attend Sciences Po, a political science institute in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. How is the student experience...

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