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Wednesday dinner and Friday lunch open to the greater campus community:

The French House is open to the public for Wednesday dinner (6pm) and Friday lunch (12:15pm) during the academic year. Check out our menu and reserve your spot.

Lunch Monday – Friday for UW-Madison Students (French 301/302 and auditors):

The French House is open for lunch, Monday through Friday, for all UW-Madison students students with at least a conversational level of French (usually at least 4 high school years or 4 college semesters of French).  Students enrolled the UW Practical French Conversation Course, French 301/302, receive credit for attendance. More information about French 301 or 302 can be found here.

Lunch for students is just $5 Monday – Thursday and $7 on Friday for non-class members. A weekly menu is available here.

All of our meals are served buffet style and usually include a vegetable and rice, potato or pasta. Guests can also look forward to a fresh salad, great French bread, dessert and coffee or tea. We always have a vegetarian option available.

On parle français.

Only French is spoken at the French House so you’re guaranteed some great conversation with your meal. We are first and foremost an educational institution, so even if your French is limited, there’s a space for you. We welcome people of all levels of French. If you do not speak French but are accompanying a group that does, please don’t worry. We’ll make you feel at home.

Have a seat here and enjoy a great view of Lake Mendota with your French House dinner or lunch.