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2014-2015 Room & Board Rates

2015-2016 Rates will be available in January 2015

Single room: $8,302 (academic year), $4,400 (semester)

Double room: $7,402 (academic year), $3,935 (semester)

Parking: $200 (fall), $215 (spring). Parking is limited. Please contact us about availability.

What’s included? 

    • a furnished room (regular twin bed, drawers, shelves & desk; linens and pillow are not provided)
    • three home-made meals per day, Monday-Friday and brunch on Saturdays & Sundays
    • Internet (wired and WiFi)
    • all utilities (water, heat, air conditioning)
    • onsite laundry
    • formal end-of-semester dinner
    • activities & outings to francophone related events are arranged based on what’s available in the Madison area

How do we keep are rates so reasonable?

The French House, Inc., is managed by the UW-Madison Department of French and Italian and funded, in part, through donations and patronage by “The Friends of the French House.”

Room & board is less expensive than most other similar options on and off campus (see below for a comparison). In fact, our current rates reflect an increase of a mere 5.5% since 2008. Scholarships are available for new, incoming UW-Madison Freshmen and transfer students (click here for more information).

Compare us to other options in Madison

Room and board rates are $1,000-2,300 less than rates at the UW-Madison residence halls. Living at the French House should not be a financial burden to our students, and thanks to our donors, UW-Madison students have an opportunity to live independently in a practical and intellectually stimulating environment.

UW-Madison Residence Halls: Estimate based on published rates for 2014-2015. Rates typically increase by 4-7% per year.

Single room: $9,421 – 10,221 (The French House is roughly $1,000 – $2,000 less.)

That’s $8,151-$8,951 plus $1,270 for meals (average* amount spent per student) plus $250-300 activities fee for some residences

Double room: $8,570 – $9,720 (The French House is roughly $1100 – 2,300 less)

That’s $7,300-$8.250 plus $1,270 for meals  (average* amount spent per student) plus $200-300 activities fee for some residences

*Average food amount does not include any meals or snacks purchased outside the UW Residence Halls network (local restaurants, snack bars, etc.).

Private Residence Halls such as The Langdon, The Towers, The Statesider. Some include breakfast.

Rates vary from roughly $620 – $1350 per person, per month, plus meals (with a 9, 10 or 12 month lease).

Private Apartments: These are the 2012-2013 average rates published by the UW-Madison Campus Area Housing resource. Most apartments are unfurnished are require a 12 month lease. Of course, food, internet, cable, and often utilities are extra.

Studio: $651/month

One bedroom: $842/month

Two bedroom: $1,155/month

Three bedroom: $1,606/month

Four bedroom: $2,046/month

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