The Madison French Camp is moving to EAGLE School for 2021

As the Madison French Camp has grown over the years, the need for a more suitable space has always been on our minds. While the French House is inspiring and inviting, it does have its challenges for campers and their families.

The move to EAGLE School comes with many perks such as parking and a convenient drop-off area, plenty of classroom space, an auditorium, and green space. 

Two French programs are currently open for registration. “French Music & Art: Life in the Ocean”, designed for 1st and 2nd graders (with no prior experience required) will explore “Life in the Ocean.” Whales, mermaids, pirates, sharks, submarines, octopi and little crabs – what an adventure in language!  Children with some experience in the language, entering into 5th-8th grades, can engage in some “French Improv” with activities to include some clever lip-synching to scenes from popular French-language TV, a reenactment of a few of Fontaine’s “Fables”, and an original sketch written and performed by the participants.

EAGLE School’s website lists everything you need to know to get this on your calendars and in your summer budget.

Visit for complete program description and registration.