Can you keep a secret?

BetsyGreat!  Don’t let Betsy know you saw this page.

After thirty-two years, Head Chef Betsy Piper is set to retire.  At the end of this semester, she’ll hand in her apron in exchange for more time entertaining her grandchildren and preparing her popular cooking classes at All Through The House.

But Betsy deserves more than just free time, don’t you think?  With all the French dishes she has prepared over the years, wouldn’t it be nice for her to experience the pleasure first-hand, in France? Quelle bonne idée !

We’re sending Betsy to France! And we need your help.

Please consider donating to Betsy’s retirement fund. We’ve made it easy, and we’ve made it fun.

Buy her coffee and croissants in the morning, or a visit to the Louvre. A lunch at a sidewalk café, or a ride on the metro. Help purchase her plane ticket or souvenir postcards to send home.  Whatever you can do, it will be perfect.

Click here to make your donation.  MERCI !