The French House has always been a place for sharing our love of the French language and for exchanging ideas about many aspects of francophone cultures from around the world. In the last few years, our space by the lake has also become a place of learning.

We manage.  By cobbling together portable easels, whiteboards, laptops, projectors and screens, and by rearranging dining room tables and chairs, we’re able to host weekly classes for adult learners in the Madison area.

We can do more. What is just a dining room can also be…

a learning center with all the bells and whistles a teacher needs to bring the sights and sounds of the francophone world into the classroom

a tutoring center open throughout the day to students of French

a gathering space for students, faculty and community partners

a place to relax almost anytime with a nice cup of coffee or tea, and a pastry from our kitchen

With your financial support and the help of architects and designers from BWBR, we hope to make that dream a reality.  They have been around almost as long as the French House and their mission truly aligns with our objectives.

BWBR is a design firm with a diverse practice in architecture, interior design, and master and strategic planning. Since 1922, BWBR has empowered clients to discover what it means to be innovative, cutting-edge, engaging, and efficient. We help bring clarity to visions, lead discussions, and design effective solutions that elevate organizations to the next level. Through our mission and values, we create solutions that enhance what people do.

Our first step with BWBR will be to prepare some drawings that we will share with our stakeholders to illustrate just how effective, and how beautiful this renovation will be. We hope to have those drawings by the end of this spring 2018.

If you share our vision, please consider donating to the Centennial Fund. Help us ring in another century of the French House in Madison by helping us build a beautiful, active learning space for our greater Madison community.