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French House Lunch by Brice Richter

UW-Madison students and campus community members can join us for lunch any day, Monday through Friday. It’s as easy as that.  Come, sit and chat in French with fellow students and native speakers. French class is great, but learning to chat – in French, about everyday topics, in a complete French immersion environment – is something no student of French can pass up.

Only French is spoken at the French House and most participants at lunch have the equivalent of at least 3-4 semesters or 4 high school years of French.

UW students who can come at least 4 times per week should consider enrolling in French 301 (fall) or French 302 (spring) and receive one credit for their commitment. Participants can buy their lunch ($5 “all you can eat”), bring their lunch, or just sit and talk.  With 20-30 participants and 5 or so native speakers, what’s on the menu takes a back seat to what’s on our minds.

If a lunch menu is available, it will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Voici tous les détails du cours

Pour les étudiants inscrits dans le cours de français 301…

  • On arrive entre 12h et 12h15. Le déjeuner est servi à 12h15. Il faudrait rester à la maison au moins 45 minutes.
  • On vient en cours 4 fois la semaine (ou en totale, 54 fois le semestre) et on choisit les jours qui conviennent le mieux (si vous avez un conflit avec un autre cours, voir ci-dessous).
  • La note est basée sur la présence et la participation.
  • On peut apporter son déjeuner, acheter ($5.00) son déjeuner à la Maison, ou se mettre à table tout simplement pour discuter.

Pour plus d’information, cliquez ici pour nous contacter.

Conflicts with another class? For example, many students have Tuesday/Thursday classes that end at 12 or start a 1pm. It’s difficult then to attend this conversation class 4 times per week.  If you are in this situation, you have a few choices:

  • Audit the class.  Just come when you can!
  • Stay longer a few days per week (eg., arrive at 12 and stay until about 1:15 two days per week).
  • Attend the Wednesday dinner open to the public.
  • You can discuss other options with the instructor.


This Google Calendar shows all of our upcoming events as well as what’s for lunch Monday – Friday and dinner Wednesday.  Menu items for lunches Monday – Thursday are usually updated the Friday afternoon before the following week.