Bienvenue !

French House Lunch by Brice Richter

UW-Madison students and campus community members can join us for dinner on Wednesday and for lunch on Friday. Please make a reservation so that we know how many people to expect.  Then, come and chat in French with fellow students and native speakers. French class is great, but learning to chat – in French, about everyday topics, in a complete French immersion environment – is something no student of French can pass up.

Only French is spoken at the French House and most participants at lunch have the equivalent of at least 3-4 semesters or 4 high school years of French.

Participants can buy their lunch ($8 for students, $10 for non-students “all you can eat”), bring their lunch, or just sit and talk.  With around 15-20 participants and 2-3 native speakers, what’s on the menu takes a back seat to what’s on our minds.