6:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016

Shrimp Creole

Enjoy dinner and a free concert of music by the Prairie Bayou Cajun Band.

Tous nos dîners sont accompagnés de salade, dessert et café. Une option végétarienne est toujours offerte. $11.00 / $9.00 étudiant (full time college or k12 student).

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Prairie Bayou Cajun Band

Prairie Bayou Cajun Band

The four women members of the Prairie Bayou Cajun Band  play and sing the dance music of the French-speaking culture of Southwest Louisiana. On fiddle is Katie Ping, on the button accordion is Carol Armstrong, while Karen Holden on guitar and bass and Kathy Helm on percussion (t-fer, washboard,  drum kit) hold them to a steady rhythm.  The Cajuns were expelled from Acadia, Canada in the mid-1800s, settling along the Bayous of Louisiana where they maintained their language, in part through the music played at house dances, even when Louisiana outlawed the speaking of French.  Influenced by other immigrant groups, its music and instrumentation evolved but maintained its fundamental characteristics–Cajun French songs based on fiddle music.   This band plays Cajun waltzes and 2 steps with an occasional blues number.  It is dance music–there will be a dance demonstration with whom diners will be encouraged to join between bites.

Photos from some of our past Cajun dinners.

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