7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Monday, Jan 13, 2020

Vin (ou café) et Conversation

All levels of French are welcome!

Barriques” at the top of West Washington Avenue is the perfect place for this weekly French conversational group. Grab a glass of wine or a beer (if you’re old enough), grab a cup of coffee, tea, or an exotic specialty drink, and join in the conversation.

Each week you’ll find at least a few — and sometimes many more — francophiles just like you who want to exercise their French chops for a while, shake off the work week ahead, and just chat about whatever comes to mind… en français, bien sûr.

This group meets just about every Monday of the year. But around holidays (or on holidays), it’s a bit sketchy.

To find out about upcoming Mondays, or if you’re a bit nervous about attending, subscribe to the “Francophiles” email list and check out who’ll be there the next time. To subscribe, send a message to: join-francophiles@lists.wisc.edu.