Taste of Africa III
Monday, January 30.
5:30pm and 7:00pm.
In the basement of the Crossing, Located next to the chem building on the corner of Charter and University. And as always, for the ever so agreeable price of 5 dollars!

Slow Food UW would like to formally invite you to this week’s Family Dinner Night with the Project1808, Inc. The founder of Project1808, Inc, Dr. Alhaji N’jai, will be the guest chef for the meal.  Beyond good eats, expect Live Panafrica DJ Music with DJ Sean T and dancing! In addition, we will be collecting donations on behalf of Project 1808, Inc Sierra Leone. 

Project1808, Inc was started as a personal venture by Alhaji N’jai using graduate school stipends as educational support for small number of students from his hometown Kabala. At the core of Project1808’s sustainable community model is an investment on disadvantaged youths, schools and their communities to form the building blocks, as in LEGO, of healthy communities in Sierra Leone and Africa. We engage and connect students, teachers, and community members through small pointed and targeted projects that address disconnects between learning and community problem solving. Our student-community project focus areas include, but not restricted to water accessibility, sanitation, small scale business, improve food production, renewable energy, and public health. By linking youth education to community needs in the most disadvantaged regions, we want to enhance creativity, innovation and develop next generation of compassionate leaders. Through specific GLocal (Global and Local) partnerships, we bring to practice the concept of thinking globally and acting locally that enhances knowledge exchange, cultural competency, while expanding their world view. Project 1808 is committed to optimizing partnerships between educational institutions locally, within Africa and overseas, particularly with involvement of other African countries. 

Guest Chef: Dr. Alhaji Umar N’jai is a Scientist/Toxicologist at Procter & Gamble (P&G) Global Research & Development and Product Safety. Alhaji also Co-hosts WORT 89.9 FM Panafrica Show and is a Research Fellow at University of Wisconsin Madison. He was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa to a family with heritage from Guinea and Senegal. Both his mother and father hail from the rich cultural heritage of Senegal and Guinea that includes Gawlo (Griot) tradition. He was therefore raised and immersed in the deep cultural traditions of these countries. Food, dance, and music are an innate aspect of his life—he has produced/hosted radio shows with world music focus for Kalamazoo college WJMD radio, NPR affiliate WMUK FM 102.1 and for WORT FM PanAfrica Show. Prior to coming to US on a scholarship to Kalamazoo College at the height of Sierra Leone war, Alhaji was involved in community organizing, student mentoring, and community service in Kabala, Sierra Leone. Alhaji had learnt much of his community organizing spirit from his philantrophic parents who were dedicated to helping the poor, the disabled and disadvantaged persons in Ganya town, Sierra Leone. In Keeping with that spirit, Alhaji wanted to make a difference in lives of people in his home community through educational support for youths and addressing local community needs.  

Taste of Africa III Menu
Fresh Lettuce, tomatoes, steamed carrots with specially made dressing
****Kelewele (Kele-wele)****
A popular Ghanaian delicacy prepared from ripe plantain well
seasoned and fried in hot oil for mouth-watering flavour.
****Cassava Leaf Stew****
A favorite, finely pounded leaves cooked with palm oil or coconut
oil and selected spices for exquisite taste
A popular West African peanut-based stew with Malian origins
A spicy marinated dish prepared with onions and lemon
Also Available:
****Kinkeliba Tea****
Natural herb from West Africa, very rich in antioxidants – $1
****Puff Puff ****
Another favorite** Deep fried homemade African doughnuts
snack made from flour with a soft, pillowy yet chewy snack – $3
****Ginger Drink****
A homemade sweet gingery juice – $1
We’re expecting a big turn out this week, hence the two meal times, so sign up fast to get a spot!
*The first three volunteers to stay after and help clean will be reimbursed for dinner!