Jennifer Merchant

A talk (in French, PowerPoint in English) by Jennifer Merchant,  Université Paris II, Member of the Institut Universitaire de France, Co-Director of Law & Humanities, CERSA Paris II

Hosted by Professor Alta Charo, University of Wisconsin Law School. Co-Sponsored by European Studies and the French House

Dr. Jennifer Merchant teaches legal English and English applied to Political and Administrative Sciences. Her research interests include comparative public policies, procreation, bioethics, civil society, and science and state relations. She was a member of the  Study Committee on CRISPR / Cas09 – Human Genome Intervention, US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine , 2015-2017 and of the Organizing Committee of the Second International Summit on the Modification of the Human Genome,  National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine of the United States, Hong Kong, 2018-2019. Her recent publications include “Droit de l’Homme et Bioéthique: Une Approche Comparative France-Etats-Unis” / “Human Rights and Bioethics : A Comparative Analysis, France/United States” (inBioéthique et droit international et européen des droits de l’homme, David Szymczak, Catherine Gauthier et Sébastien Platon (dirs.), Paris Editions A. Padone, September 2018), and her forthcomingAccess to Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The Case of France and Belgium (director and co-author), London, Berghahn Books (2019).