One of the Best Foreign Films of the Year ~Roger Ebert

White Material (France)
Marquee Theater, Union South (map)
Thursday, April 28, 7pm

UW-Madison brand new Marquee Theater at Union South welcomes the Mini-Indie Film Festival April 27-May 1. Among the films chosen for this screening is the latest film from the gifted French filmmaker Claire Denis: White Material, with cast of all stars and new stars including Isabelle Hupert and Christophe Lambert.

In an unnamed African country in the throes of a volatile regime change, Maria Vial is trying to sustain the coffee plantation she runs with her ex-husband Andre, but unknown to her, he has other plans. The country is tenuously under the control of a rebl militia whose leader is on the run. With the regular army preparing to regain control, French forces have moved out, warning the remaining white residents that they’re on their own if they stay behind. However, Maria refuses to be driven off the land, continuing to run the farm as the specter of impending tragedy looms.